Shared Services and Programs

Local governments, schools and special districts looking to save money should check out the shared services offerings from Westchester County. We have programs and the expertise to save you taxpayer dollars.

Below you will find an array of services offered by the county's Department of Emergency Services. We urge you to check them out. For more information, contact Linda Luddy at (914) 231-1700. Looking for other possible savings? Go to our countywide shared services section.    

Service Description
Resuscitator, Inhalator and Air Pack Service Contract

All Westchester County Muncipalities can take advantage of the County's Resuscitator, Inhaler and Air Pack Service contract at a reduced cost.

All interested departments should refer to contract #RFB-WC-10278 for further information. Should you have any questions please contact Commissioner John M. Cullen at (914) 231-1851.

Fire Fighting Foam Contract

All Westchester County Fire Departments can now take advantage of the county's contract for fire fighting foam at a reduced cost.

All interested departments should refer to contract #RFB-WC-14186 for further instructions. Should you have any questions please contact Commissioner John M. Cullen at (914) 231-1851.

Fire Apparatus Maintenance and Repair Contract

Municipalities can now take advantage of the county's contract for fire apparatus mainteance and repair at a reduced cost.

All interested departments should refer to contract #5424BPS for instructions on how to proceed in using these services. Should you have have any further questions contact Commissioner John M. Cullen at (914) 231-1851.

Fire Hose Purchasing Contract

Municipalities can now purchase Fire Hose by taking advantage of the county's contract and purchase them at a reduced cost.

All interested departments should refer to contract #RFB-WC-12159 for instructions on how to proceed in purchasing this equipment. Should you have any further questions contact
Commissioner John M. Cullen at (914) 231-1851.

Fire Apparatus, Ground Ladders and Fire Hose - Annual Testing and Inspection Contract

To help ensure Westchester County Fire Departments are in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association  (NFPA) Standard for the annual testing of fire apparatus, ground ladder and fire hose; the county has contracted with Fire One, Inc. for annual testing and inspection services at a reduced rate.

All interested departments should refer to contract #: RFB-WC-11049 for directions on how to obtain the services and rates offered to the county. Should you have any further questions contact  Commissioner John M. Cullen at (914) 231-1851.

Firefighter "Bail Out" Rope System

In response to the NYS mandate that requires interior firefighters be provided safety bail out ropes while on duty; DES in conjunction with the county Bureau of Purchase and Supply has contracted to purchase this emergency escape system at a reduced rate.

Municipalities can take advantage of the county's contract and purchase these systems at a reduced cost. 

All interested departments should refer to contract #: RFB-WC-13221 for instructions on how to proceed in purchasing the system. Should you have any further questions contact Commissioner John M. Cullen at (914) 231-1851. 

Firefighter Turnout Gear Cleaning and Maintenance Contract

To help ensure that Westchester County Fire Department's are able to maintain their turnout gear in accordance with the National Fire Protection Agency's 1851 Standard on Selection, Care and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting; the county has contracted with Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners to provide cleaning services at a reduced price.

All interested departments should refer to contract #: RFB-WC-13382 for directions on how to obtain the services and rates offered to the county. Should you have any further questions contact  Commissioner John M. Cullen at (914) 231-1851.

Emergency Notification System

In the event of an emergency, the county has developed systems that allow the public to be contacted directly in the event of an emergency and/or severe weather conditions.  Select from these three categories: 


Notifications will be made by and contain information about emergency conditions and what actions should be taken. Alerts are transmitted by e-mail, text messaging, and/or phone messages. The subscriber determines how to be notified when signing up.

Special Needs Registry

Emergency Services maintains a registry of county residents who may require additional assistance, transportation and/or sheltering in the event of a major emergency.

The registry is for county residents with a physical or mental disability who live indepen-dently and not in a residential special needs facility (i.e., nursing home or hospital).

Applications are screened and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Notification is made within 45 days of receiving your application if your application has NOT been approved.

Municipalities can use this registry to ensure their constituents who need this assistance are identified. 

Fire Training Classes

Emergency Services administers, coordinates and maintains the fire training program. Career and volunteer firefighters from Westchester County's 58 fire departments can get their training and education in fire department operations at our facility.

We offer a state-of-the-art training facility with the latest in classroom technology and training props. Props include:

Burn Simulator Christmas Tree
Car pad Class A burn module
Confined space manhole Confined space tank
Masked confidence course Railroad tanker car
Roof simulator Smoke house
Training tower

Municipalities can sign up for classes online.

Emergency Services, in conjunction with Westchester County Career Chiefs, conducts and administers the Career Firefighter Academy. This is a 16-week academy program for newly hired career firefighters designed by the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control. The academy program is scheduled twice annually in the spring and fall. 

Municipalities should contact the Fire Division for more information.

Emergency Preparedness Awareness Initiatives

Through the county’s “Get Ready” initiative we have developed and distributed hundreds of duffle bags referred to as “go bags” and literature regarding emergency preparedness.  The bag is intended to remind citizens to prepare an emergency bag in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Municipalities can request to have “go bags” and brochures distributed at any of their next preparedness events.

Disaster Supplies and Equipment

At the request of the municipality the Department of Emergency Services can furnish various emergency equipment and supplies to aid devastated communities in the event of a disaster. Equipment and supplies include:

  • Sand bags
  • Barricades
  • Portable stop signs
  • Equipment lights
  • Pumps

If your muncipality is interested in learning more or would like to request equipment or supplies contact the Office of Emergency Management at (914) 864-5450

Training Facility

Our training facility located at 4 Dana Road in Valhalla has a classroom environment ideally suited for class lectures and training. We offer four classrooms and an outdoor training yard. Each classroom provides the perfect combination of a clean comfortable environment and the latest in electronic audio-visual equipment and training aides.

Each training room is equipped with the following:

  • A computer with CD/DVD capability and Internet access
  • A PowerPoint projector and drop down screen
  • A full audio system, VCR player and televisions
  • Slide projectors and overhead projectors
  • A full wall of white board
  • The lighting in all classrooms can be adjusted to meet the needs of the instructor from dim to full classroom lighting. 

To make a reservation or if you have questions about the facility, call (914) 231-1699.

Emergency Medical Services Training

Emergency Services coordinates educational offerings for EMS providers and disseminates training and educational announcements and associated information to agencies and providers. Programs include education on disaster response, child and elder abuse, scene safety, pediatric care, response to terrorism, respirator protection and weekly EMS grand rounds. 

Municipalities can sign up for training online or by contacting the EMS Division at (914) 231-1616.

60 Control

The Emergency Communications Center (ECC) provides primary dispatch services for many fire and EMS agencies in the county. The consolidation of dispatch services provides for a standardized call processing model and superior tracking capabilities of emergency services resources. All fire and EMS mutual aid requests are managed from the ECC.

If your municipality is interested in being dispatched through our ECC or if you should have any questions, contact Chief Michael Volk at (914) 231-1684.

Special Operations Unit 


The Special Operations Unit is comprised of the Westchester County Hazardous Materials Response Team (HMRT) and the Technical Rescue Team (TRT). 

The HMRT, in cooperation with local fire, police and EMS agencies, develops community practice drills to improve readiness and response to hazardous material emergencies.

The TRT provides equipment, apparatus, highly trained personnel and logistical support during technical challenges to local agencies

Cause and Origin

The Cause and Origin (C&O) team is the central resource for local fire chiefs upon request with trained experts to assist in the determination of the cause and origin of fires.

The primary objectives of the team are to:

  • Establish and maintain a quality service to assist fire chiefs in the determination of cause and origin of fires throughout the county
  • Establish and maintain standards for training and experience of police and fire professionals engaged as cause and origin team members
  • Establish and maintain standardized call-out procedures and dispatches for cause and origin teams
  • Establish and maintain standardized forms and report writing procedures for cause and origin teams

Code Enforcement and Fire Inspections

The Code Enforcement Office performs fire safety inspections at all county owned or occupied properties.  If you need assistance or have any questions pertaining to fire codes please contact:

Neil Caputo
(914) 231-1178

Severe Weather Preparedness

OEM collaborates with the National Weather Service, SKYWARN volunteers, Consolidated Edison, New York State Electric & Gas, SEMO and the news media in tracking the approach of potentially dangerous storms and in giving timely warning to local governments and to the people of Westchester.

OEM coordinates response and recovery activities that exceed the capabilities of local government(s), as well as periodic severe weather training symposia to school and civil authorities, emergency responders, hospital administrators and to other interested parties

Emergency Communications

The Office of Emergency Management can provide emergency communications support through the Westchester County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), through dispatch of the county field communications unit to support emergency responders, and/or through the activation of civil defense volunteer radio operators. OEM maintains liaison with the Westchester Emergency Communications Association (WECA) and with others who support emergency preparedness.

Trunked Radio System 

The Westchester County Trunked Radio System was designed to allow interoperable radio communications between Fire and EMS units, including hospital emergency departments and police headquarters. The system is currently being used for primary communication for a number of fire and ems agencies.

The system is designed to:

  • Enhance personnel safety
  • Decrease overcrowding of limited frequencies
  • Increase the ability to properly communicate
  • Establish interoperability between Fire, EMS, PD, Hospitals and other agencies


If you have any questions or would like further information contact Tom Alessi, Radio Systems Manager at (914) 231-1691 or email directly.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 

Westchester County is establishing a “Hotline” phone system to support communications during an emergency. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, or internet phone can allow for communication outside the normal phone switch if it fails.

The system is designed with redundant pathways of connect, including regular telephone lines and internet connections. Using this communication system will allow for seamless communication. These features ensure a reliable communication tool for all-hazards events in the region.

If your municipal emergency operation center is interested in participating in this communications system plan call Jason Lewer, VoIP Coordinator at (914) 231-1888 or email directly.

Radio Ameteur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)

Deploys local volunteer amateur radio operators to assist in providing emergency radio communications during a disaster or catastrophic event. 

For  more information contact: The Office of Emergency Management at (914) 864-5450

Emergency Shelter Supplies

The Westchester County Office of Emergency Management in coordination with municipal, private and non-profit partners established a system of strategically placed caches of fixed and mobile Emergency Shelter Supplies. These caches contain: cots, blankets, pillows, towels and personal hygiene kits. 

Fixed sites have these caches on-site with a structure capable of supporting sheltering operations, while the mobile caches are tow-behind trailers capable of being deployed anywhere in the county. These caches are to be utilized when local resources for sheltering and mass care have become either exhausted or the need exceeds local capabilities.

The county also stockpiles water and self heating emergency meals to support sheltering operations if necessary.

Respiratory Fit Testing

DES facilitates the Fit Test Machine loaner program.  The program enables local police, fire and EMS agencies the ability to fit test their emergency responders in the required respiratory protection equipment.

To Learn more contact: Nyle Salley, Program Specialist at (914) 231-1495.

Westchester Emergency Volunteer Reserves (WEVR) / Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

These teams a comprised of volunteer healthcare professionals that offer their skills, and expertise during an emergency.

To join or find out more information contact: The Office of Emergency Management  (914) 864-5450

Westchster EMS Hospital Diversion System  

EMS agencies can now use a web-based notification system that tracks requests from hospitals for emergency ambulance diversion when needed due to high volume or other special extenuating circumstances.

For more information: contact Michael Volk, Chief of EMS at (914) 231-1684 or logon  directly.