Career Fire Academy

Career Fire Academy

The Career Fire Academy, a basic firefighter training program, is a collaborative effort among the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services, the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control and Westchester County Career Chiefs. 

The academy is a basic firefighter training program designed to provide the firefighter with the essential knowledge and basic skills necessary to perform their job safely, effectively, efficiently, and as part of a firefighting team.   

This 16 week intensive training program provides instruction in a classroom setting and practical skills training.  This training prepares the firefighter to save the life of a fire victim, a fellow firefighter or themselves. Upon completion of the course, the trainee is able to efficiently mitigate any emergency.

There are 19 new recruits in the current class; representing six different municipalities.


Student Fire Department
Louis Bongo III New Rochelle FD               
Neil Brown New Rochelle FD
Michael Bucci White Plains FD
John Cestone New Rochelle FD
John Cioffoletti New Rochelle FD
Mark Cleary Eastchester FD
Connor Dillon White Plains FD
Joseph Dizenzo New Rochelle FD
Thomas Dooley White Plains FD
Jake Douglass White Plains FD
Chris Feineis Scarsdale FD
William Fokerts Scarsdale FD
John Howes Eastchester FD
David Kane Greenville FD
Peter Keating Greenville FD
John Kenny Hartsdale FD
Joseph Lucente, Jr. Eastchester FD
Frank Vallelonga New Rochelle FD
John Vernazza Eastchester FD

The academy program is scheduled twice annuallly, in the spring and fall.