The Westchester County Animal Response Team (WesCART) is a volunteer program managed by the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services. The mission of WesCART is to respond to emergencies that require animal rescue, evacuation, veterinary disaster care, and the sheltering of pets during a major disaster. WesCART is active in educating the public concerning disaster preparedness and pets.
As a WesCART volunteer you may be requested to work during a time of disaster, in a difficult environment, to fulfill the mission of the team.
If you become a member of WesCART, free instruction will be provided in a variety of emergency preparedness topics including disaster animal response. Completion of these minimal training requirements is mandatory before you will be qualified to respond in an emergency. Further, the team meets every other month, and regular attendance is required.

Should you have any questions or need additional information please contact Milton Johnson at (914) 864-5455.


Note:  The Westchester County Animal Response Team (WesCART) is not a wildlife rehabilitation organization and does not respond to wildlife and/or animal control issues.  Please contact your local authorities if you should need any information or help with animal control issues.

How to Join:

Westchester County uses an application called ServNY to register new volunteers and to manage volunteer data. If you wish to join the WesCART program please visit ServNY and click “Join Now”. Registration is a two step process; the first step is to set up a user ID and password and the second is creating a profile. All volunteers should select Westchester County MRC as their “program” regardless of their medical background. 

Having difficulty signing up? We have developed step by step instructions to guide you.