AED Inspection Form

AED unit custodians shall perform and document AED inspections for each unit designated to the custodian. Inventory management includes checking the emergency supply kit, AED battery and AED operation. Weekly tests should be conducted every Tuesday with monthly inspections on the first Tuesday of every month.


The eight-digit serial number is located on the bottom of the AED (Ex. 31212345)

Enter the information below pertaining to the unit being inspected. All four inspection steps must be completed.

Please note: The tabbed section was modified by recent system updates. Be sure to click on all four of the black "Step" links to complete them. The entry fields will open below Step 4. Entering your name and e-mail is not Step 4.

Step 1
Check the readiness display and verify that no other symbols are present (other than the "OK" symbol).
Step 2
Check "Use By Date" on QUIK-PAK electrode packets (YYYY-MM-DD). Select "OK" or "Problem Encountered," then enter the date below.
Step 3
Check defibrillator and wall case for the presence of: - First response kit (missing) - Damage(cracks, etc.) - Foreign substances If any of the above conditions are found indicate them in the comments box below.
Step 4
Indicate the exact location of the AED unit you inspected. (Ex. 4th floor next to elevator)

Complete all four inspection steps in the links above before completing the information below and submitting the form.

If your name needs to be added to the custodian listing in the drop-down menu above, submit an e-mail to

To receive a confirmation of the report, you must enter your county e-mail address.

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