aerial view of hurricanes
Hurricane season has begun. If you live in an area susceptible to hurricanes, the time to prepare for a hurricane disaster is before it hits. As with any severe weather, be sure to watch and follow the weather reports, especially those of the National Weather Service. We also strongly recommend you follow local weather channels, whether on the radio, the TV, computer or mobile device so you are in the know of what is going on.

Review disaster plans with your family
It is important that you review disaster plans with your family in the event you are not all in the same place at the time of the hurricane.

We have outlined a trove of information on Be Safe During Hurricane Season.

We explain the difference between hurricane watch and warning, plus we explain what a "Go Bag" is and what needs to go into it.

Once alerted by emergency officials, your family must understand that they have to act on the plans you have set in place.

Preparation and action are two criticial keys to weather safety.