This information was developed to provide our primary dispatch agencies with a one-stop approach to locating all the support services provided by this department.

Should you need to contact CAD Operations directly, call (914) 231-1695, send a fax to (914) 231-1840 (fax), or an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How and When to call 9-1-1: Download this form to ensure your children know when and how to call 9-1-1 if an emergency arises. 

I/NetViewer (User ID and password required)
Authorized users have the ability to view their active calls, search on closed events, and update apparatus status (in/out of service). 

CADTimes (User ID and password required)
A self-refreshing Web page that will display event times and assigned units for fire or EMS agencies. This Web page provides a 12-hour status monitor "snapshot" of active and closed events. Access is granted by using your I/Netviewer ID and password. 

Greater Alarm Assignments
We encourage departments to automate their multi-alarm assignments in our CAD system.  Information about your pre-plan, when provided in advance, will save time when requesting mutual aid at a working fire. 

Special Situations (CIDS) (CIDS)
Another Westchester County-developed Web site code-named "CIDS" will automatically link into our CAD system, pull out the special situation records for your coverage area and allow you to add or modify them locally from any pc. (User ID and password required)

I/Page (HipLinkXS) (User ID and password required)
Alpha-numeric text messaging shows alarm location. A new interface entitled HipLinkXS has been integrated into our current I/Page system. It will allow you to manage your own page lists, and send out local departmental text messages from any pc with Internet access. HipLinkXS also provides message filtering to eliminate duplicate messages. 

CAD system
Our vendor, Intergraph Public Safety was chosen in 1999 when our current system was declared non Y2K compatible. This system went live on Jan. 24, 2001.

Fire RMS 5.0
Full Fire Department Records Management System that integrates with our CAD system. 60-Control automatically starts each of the NFIRS reports and passes alarm times, units, unit times, caller info, and remarks directly into the report.