national ems weekWestchester County Department of Emergency Services Emergency Medical Services Division.
From left to right: Nyle Salley, Brett Roberts and Samantha Stretz

Congratulations to all of the dedicated men and woman who provide emergency medical services (EMS) to the residents, workforce, and visitors in Westchester County.

When you dial 911 requesting EMS, trained and dedicated professionals will be summoned to provide pre-hospital medical care and transportation for those who are sick or injured. This is not an easy task as crews often engage with the public during trying and highly emotional times.

“Often, when we care for those who are ill or injured, they may be experiencing the worst day of their lives. Having honed skills, consistent training, patience, and compassion is key to providing exceptional care” - Brett Roberts, DES EMS Deputy Chief

Please join us in sharing our appreciation for all those who dedicate their time and effort to care for those in need.