All courses offered by the Department of Emergency Services are held at the training center located at 4 Dana Road, Valhalla, NY, unless otherwise indicated.

Students can also access the department's Internet learning system for various courses.  

Review class details or register by clicking on the approriate course bulletin or register link. Interested in training opportunities for emergency responders hosted by outside agencies? Learn more.








 07/29/15 15-126 Firefighter II 09/30/15 Closed Closed
 08/06/15 15-127 Firefighter I with Firefighter Survival 08/31/15 Running Running
 08/13/15 15-134 Principles of Building Construction: Combustibles and Non-Combustibles 10/13/15 Open Register
 08/13/15 15-135 Drones and the Fire Service: Opportunity and Threat 10/14/15 Open Register
 08/19/15 15-136 Incident Safety Officer 11/10/15 Open Register
 08/19/15 15-138 Apparatus Operator - Emergency Vehicle Operations 09/21/15 Running Running
 08/21/15 15-139 Firefighter I with Firefighter Survival - Katonah Satellite 09/16/15 Running Running
 08/25/15 15-140 Firefighter I with Firefighter Survival 09/30/15 Open Register
 08/21/15 15-141 Rescue Technician Basic/Confined Space Rescue Technician Level 10/05/15 Closed Closed
 08/21/15 15-143 Principles of Instruction 11/16/15 Open Register
 08/21/15 15-144 Handling Elevator Emergencies 11/17/15 Closed Closed
 08/25/15 15-145 Apparatus Operator: Pump 09/28/15 Running Running
 08/25/15 15-146 Radiological Emergencies for the Fire Service - County Course 10/06/15 Cancelled Cancelled
 09/08/15 15-148E EMS: First Responders and Service Dogs 10/22/15 Open This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 09/04/15 15-154 Health and Safety Officer 12/01/15 Open Register
 09/04/15 15-155 Basic Life Support and Hazardous Materials 12/01/15 Open Register