The Indian Point nuclear power plants are owned by Entergy and located in Buchanan.

How far do you live from Indian Point?
Find out if you live within the 10-mile radius of Indian Point, known as the emergency planning zone. If you do, there is information you should know about, including the latest emergency guide. The guide includes information on the school reception centers, general population reception centers, and county evacuation bus routes.

Westchester residents need to understand how to prepare themselves as best they can for any kind of radiological emergency.

Westchester’s emergency response plan has been developed by trained professionals with input from emergency planners and public safety experts.

Preparedness and response
In addition, the county's Radiological Emergency Plan for the Indian Point Energy Center explains official preparedness and response procedures in the event of a radioactive release incident.

Sign up for our emergency notification system (CENS), which we will use to contact you through your e-mail or cell phone if appropriate in an emergency.