The Department of Emergency Services offers a large variety of classes for first responders. 

There are now separate registration applications for NYS OFPC courses and Westchester County courses respectively. 

This page contains specific instructions on how to request registration in either the Learning Management System (LMS) or Training Tracking Application (TTA), depending upon the type of course (NYS OFPC course - LMS, or Westchester County course - TTA).  Before requesting registration/enrollment, CHECK WITH YOUR CHIEF OR TRAINING OFFICER and make sure they are aware of approval of your request. For NYS OFPC courses (Firefighter I, Firefighter Survival, etc), you will need them to sign off on an NYS Training Authorization Letter for delivery to the Instructor at the first class session, so don't surprise them (your Chiefs) at the last minute. You do not need a Training Authorization Letter for Westchester County courses (Active Shooter, Four Gas meter, etc.).

Students should reference the Training Announcement to determine if the class is sponsored by Westchester County or NYS OFPC.

Register for classes

New Firefighter Student Training Guide
To access extremely useful information regarding Firefighter training, consult the "New Firefighter Student Training Guide". This document will answer almost any question you may have about training. You should review it in its entirety, as it will prepare you to maximize the value of your learning experience. Learning is a continual process. Never stop, and never let what you have learned to get rusty. "If you don't use it, you lose it!".