One of the most significant hazards for Westcheter County is severe weather.  Hazards include the possibility of hurricanes, tropical storms, winter storms, tornados or other high wind hazards.  OEM offers periodic severe weather training symposia to school and civil authorities, emergency responders, hospital administrators and to other interested parties.

Weather: Preparedness, Warning, Response and Recovery

OEM collaborates with the National Weather Service, SKYWARN volunteers, Consolidated Edison, New York State Electric & Gas, NYSOEM and the news media in tracking the approach of potentially dangerous storms, and in giving timely warning to local governments and to the people of Westchester. 

OEM coordinates response and recovery activities that exceed the capabilities of local government(s), as well as assistance activities which might come as the result of a Presidential Disaster Declaration. Learn more by reading the Westchester Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (2014).

Radiological Emergency Preparedness
The presence of nuclear power generating plants at Indian Point, of radioactive materials in industry and in medicine, and in transit through and over Westchester County, as well as the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons or radioactive materials in war or in terrorist incidents, demands radiological emergency preparedness. 

The lead agency for the planning and coordination of radiological emergency preparedness and response is the Office of Emergency Management. The Indian Point Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Plan and Procedures for Westchester County, while maintained and coordinated by OEM, involves the participation of nearly every department of county government, as well as of thousands of potential emergency responders. Most of the resources and expertise developed to deal with an emergency at Indian Point could be readily applied to response to most other major emergencies.

The Indian Point REP Plan is exercised annually and evaluated alternately by FEMA or by NYSOEM. Radiological Emergency Preparedness training is offered, through OEM, to all potential emergency responders.

Emergency Communications
Communications are essential to proper command and control in an emergency. The Office of Emergency Management can provide emergency communications support through the Westchester County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), through dispatch of the county field communications unit to support emergency responders, and/or through the activation of civil defense volunteer radio operators. OEM maintains liaison with the Westchester Emergency Communications Association (WECA) and with others who support emergency preparedness.