Fire Brigade

The Career Fire Academy, a basic firefighter training program, is a collaborative effort among the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services, the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control, and Westchester County Career Chiefs. 

The academy is a basic firefighter training program designed to provide the firefighter with the essential knowledge and basic skills necessary to perform their job safely, effectively, efficiently, and as part of a firefighting team.

This 17-week intensive training program provides instruction in a classroom setting and practical skills training.  This training prepares the firefighter to save the life of a fire victim, a fellow firefighter, or themselves. Upon completion of the course, the trainee is able to efficiently mitigate any emergency.

There are 37 recruits in the current class representing 11 municipalities.



Student Fire Department
William Roser Arlington FD
Manuel Villa-Ortiz Arlington FD
Justin Giudice Greenville FD
Vincent LaRusso Harrison FD
Thomas Dee Lake Mohegan FD
Daniel Ferreira Lake Mohegan FD
James Shanahan Larchmont FD
Patrick Cunningham Long Beach FD
Catherine Lewis  Long Beach FD
Tyler Rutter Long Beach FD
Lamont Albert, Jr. Mount Vernon FD
Jomo Belfor Mount Vernon FD
Gregory Harris Mount Vernon FD
Shanty Robinson  Mount Vernon FD
Francisco Svelty Mount Vernon FD
Lamou Barthelemi Mount Vernon FD
Stephen Ceneus New Rochelle FD
William Edler New Rochelle FD
Thomas Higgins New Rochelle FD
Sonel Normil New Rochelle FD
Christopher Madden New Rochelle FD
John Musacchio New Rochelle FD
Jordan Pacheco New Rochelle FD
Markus Perez New Rochelle FD
Raymond Ramos New Rochelle FD
Andrew Purvis New Rochelle FD
Anthony Spadaro New Rochelle FD
Kevin Spillane New Rochelle FD
Daniel Vallario New Rochelle FD
Salvatore Inguanti Rye FD
Kevin Ramsey Rye FD
Joseph Tolve Rye FD
Richard Blackley Scarsdale FD
Derek Grisanti Scarsdale FD
William Murphy White Plains FD
Eric Schwartz White Plains FD
Andre Young White Plains FD

Commanding Officer:
Deputy Chief Thomas Duffy, Mount Vernon FD

Executive Officers:
Captain Edward Ladin, Greenville FD
Captain Gene Malone IV, Fairview FD

Command Staff: 
Captain Rob Ciotti, New Rochelle FD
Captain Joseph Sinatra, New Rochelle FD 
Lieutenant Robert Jackson, New Rochelle FD
Lieutenant Carmine Mancuso, New Rochelle FD

The academy program is scheduled twice annually, in the spring and fall.