The Department of Emergency Services plays a critical role in keeping Westchester safe. As a part of its complex activities, the department helps local communities by assisting in the coordination of emergency management efforts, providing support with specialized emergency apparatus and other equipment, and offering extensive training opportunities for firefighters, EMT's and other first responders.


Fire safetyFire Safety Tips
Keep your family safe from potential fire hazards during the wintermonths. Learn more
shoveling-snow.s600x600Winter Weather Preparedness
Don't let severe winter weather take you by surprise. Prepare your family for all kinds of winter weather. Learn more
phoneNumbersHelpful Phone Numbers and Links
Important numbers to have in case there is a loss of power or serious storm coming. Learn More

commandNew Chiefs Information
DES offers a variety of services to Emergency Service Agency Officers. These services include Haz Mat Team, Tech Rescue Team, Cause and Origin, Emergency Management and Communications.  Learn more