Current Classes

All courses offered by the Department of Emergency Services are held at the training center located at 4 Dana Road, Valhalla, NY, unless otherwise indicated.

Students can also access the department's Internet learning system for various courses.  

Review class details or register by clicking on the approriate course bulletin or register link. Interested in training opportunities for emergency responders hosted by outside agencies? Learn more.

Can't find your class here? The American Red Cross offers a wide variety of courses for everyone, including individuals and families.







 09/11/14 14-78 EMS Spotlight: Elder Abuse 09/18/14 Open Register
 08/01/14 14-120 Firefighter I with Firefighter Survival 09/03/14 Running Running
 08/01/14 14-122 Firefighter I, Firefighter II and Fire Survival - Katonah Satellite 09/10/14 Running Running
 08/07/14 14-123 Respiratory Protection Program - DAYTIME 09/16/14 Open Register
 08/07/14 14-124 Respiratory Protection Program - EVENING 09/16/14 Cancelled Cancelled
 08/25/14 14-125E "OMG!" CME Series: Burn Patient Management 09/16/14 Open Register
 08/07/14 14-126E "OMG!" CME Series: Drugs, Drugs, Drugs! Street & Prescription Abuse 09/17/14 Open Register
 08/25/14 14-127E "OMG!" CME Series: NYS IC/DHSES Intelligence Liaison Officer 09/18/14 Open Register
 08/07/14 14-128E "OMG!" CME Series: Introduction to HAZMAT Medicine for EMS 09/23/14 Open Register
 08/13/14 14-130E EMS Spotlight: "To Be or Not To Be" Immobilized - Spinal Immobiliation & Special Considerations - North Salem Satellite 09/24/14 Open Register
 08/28/14 14-133 Apparatus Operator: Aerial Device 09/16/14 Cancelled Cancelled
 08/28/14 14-134 Engine Company Operations 09/16/14 Closed Closed
 08/29/14 14-137E "OMG!" CME Series: Crime Scene Awareness for EMS 10/02/14 Open Register
 08/29/14 14-138 Fire Officer I 10/03/14 Open Register
08/29/14 14-140E "OMG!" CME Series: Explosive Device Scene Awareness 10/08/14 Open Register
 08/29/14 14-141E "OMG!" CME Series: Radiological Emergencies 10/14/14 Open Register
 08/29/14 14-143E "OMG!" CME Series: Understanding Meth and the Medical Implications of Meth Lab Encounters 10/16/14 Open Register
 08/29/14 14-144 Apparatus Operator - Emergency Vehicle Operations 10/20/14 Closed Closed
 08/29/14 14-145E "OMG!" CME Series: Active Shooter Scene Awareness 10/21/14 Open Register
 08/29/14 14-147E "OMG!" CME Series: Vulnerability, Contemporary, Hazards and Risks 10/29/14 Open Register
 08/29/14 14-148 Health and Safety Officer 11/05/14 Open Register
 08/29/14 14-149 Flammable and Combustible Liquid Emergencies 11/05/14 Open Register
 08/29/14 14-150 Incident Safety Officer 11/10/14 Open Register
 08/29/14 14-151 Radiological Emergenices for the Fire Service 11/10/14 Open Register
 08/29/14 14-152 Principles of Building Construction: Combustibles 11/17/14 Open Register
 08/29/14 14-153 Fire Officer I 11/24/14 Open Register
 08/29/14 14-154 Principles of Building Construction: Non-combustibles 12/10/14 Open Register
 09/09/14 14-155 Firefighter I with Firefighter Survival 10/01/14 Open Register