Current Classes

All courses offered by the Department of Emergency Services are held at the training center located at 4 Dana Road, Valhalla, NY, unless otherwise indicated.

Students can also access the department's Internet learning system for various courses.  

Review class details or register by clicking on the approriate course bulletin or register link. Interested in training opportunities for emergency responders hosted by outside agencies? Learn more.

Can't find your class here? The American Red Cross offers a wide variety of courses for everyone, including individuals and families.







 05/13/15 15-17E EMS Week CME Series: Pulse Oximetry for BLS 05/21/15 Open Register
 12/30/14 15-27 Firefighter I with Firefighter Survival 02/09/15 Running Running
 02/19/15 15-46 Firefighter I with Firefighter Survival - Katonah Satellite 03/17/15 Running Running
 05/13/15 15-72E EMS Week CME Series: Death, Dying and DNRs 05/21/15 Open Register
 03/03/15 15-73 Truck Company Operations 04/30/15 Running Running
 03/10/15 15-74 Firefighter I with Firefighter Survival 04/21/15 Running Running
 05/13/15 15-78E EMS Week CME Series: Domestic Violence Awareness 05/21/15 Open Register
 05/05/15 15-81E EMS Week CME Series: Mental Health Emergencies 05/19/15 Open Register
 03/12/15 15-82 Domestic Preparedness: WMD Awareness - DAYTIME 05/21/15 Open Register
 03/12/15 15-83 Domestic Preparedness: WMD Awareness - EVENING 05/21/15 Open Register
 03/31/15 15-85 Firefighter I with Firefighter Survival 04/28/15 Running Running
 03/31/15 15-90 Thermal Imaging Camera Training - County 05/13/15 Closed Closed
 03/31/15 15-91 Apparatus Operator: Pump 05/26/15 Closed Closed
 04/23/15 15-92E EMS: Geriatric Emergencies 05/07/15 Open Register
 05/05/15 15-93E EMS: Air Medical Transport Operations 05/18/15 Open Register
 04/17/15 15-95 Apparatus Operator: Emergency Vehicle Operations 05/19/15 Closed Closed
 05/07/15 15-96 Safety and Fire Considerations for Solar PV 06/11/15 Open Register
 05/07/15 15-97 Firefighter Health Series: Cancer and the Firefighter: What Every Firefighter Must Know 06/24/15 Open Register
 05/07/15 15-98 An Overview of the Updated Best Practices for the Fire Service by PESH 06/30/15 Open Register
 05/12/15 15-99 Firefighter I with Firefighter Survival 06/08/15 Open Register
 05/13/15 15-100E EMS: Railroad Safety and EMS Operations 06/10/15 Open Register
 05/14/15 15-104 Firefighter Assist and Search Team 06/09/15 Open Register
 05/18/15 15-105 Firefighter Health Series: Tackling the Silent Killer: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 06/25/15 Open Register